Tyres and wheels are an essential component for all vehicles, a fact obvious to anyone. However, you may not be aware of the specific requirements involved for each and every vehicle, especially European models that often vary from traditionally Australian or Asian manufactured cars. It is important to recognise that not any tyre will fit on any car, nor should it, as overall performance depends heavily on tyre and wheel selection.

What do tyres and wheels involve?

Tyres are essential to any running car. More than round rings of rubber, tyres help grip the road, and are selected based on the vehicle, environment, and use of the car. Significant amounts of research have gone into modern tyres, and getting an educated professional opinion on the best tyres for your car and is important for both safety and vehicle enjoyment.

Wheels play an important role in performance as well. They not only connect the tyres to the body of the car, but they impact the handling and stability. Wheel offset is perhaps the most important factor to be aware of when installing new wheels. Wheel offset is defined as the distance between the hub mounting surface and the centre line of the wheel, measured in millimetres. This precise measurement is not to be taken lightly, and it’s important to have experienced mechanics for proper installation.

Why is tyre and wheel selection important?

Many cars, especially European ones, are all wheel or 4-wheel drive. This means that all four tyres need to be the same brand – you can’t have two different tyres on the front from the back. Additionally, these tyres may need to be rotated to allow for even wear. Many SUVs have special load ratings for tyres, an important box to tick when selecting tyres as it will affect handling and braking, thus ensuring your safety when you need to stop in an emergency.

Wheel offset is another key factor when installing new wheels. If not precisely aligned for the vehicle, handling, steering and traction will all be affected. Excessively negative offset will result in tyres rubbing along fenders, while overly positive offset will see wheels rubbing against brakes or suspension.

Why Eurotorque?

As car lovers, Eurotorque understands that tyres and wheels are an important part of any car, not only providing performance but adding to the look of your vehicle. Our expertise will help pair the best tyres and wheels for your car, with the style you are after. We have years of experience with prestige brands and understand what can be gained by the ideal tyre and wheel choice. Custom and show wheels need special attention, and the mechanics at Eurotorque look forward to helping you achieve the look you want, including placing staggered wheels on high performance vehicles. Further, we can repair scuffed wheels or paint wheels – when accidents happen you can trust Eurotorque to restore your wheels to brand new. Contact Eurotorque today for expert advice about tyres and wheels for your car.