Car tuning is a key part of optimising your car’s performance. Whether you are seeking greater power, enhanced traction, or improved fuel economy, a custom car tuning will see those desires realised.

What is car tuning?

Car tuning is a term that encompasses a wide breadth of modifications, all of which are done in order to optimise the car for its intended use. The vehicle’s purpose can include occasional track performance, heavy track use, or drag strip racing, just to name a few. Vehicles direct from the dealer have factory settings that are established for the average driver and are aimed toward overall longevity and performance while minimising the chance of breakdowns. Car enthusiasts looking to get the most from their vehicles will seek to tune their cars and achieve gains in power, torque, handling – whatever the goal is for that individual.

Why is tuning important?

Any hardware modification will require your car to be tuned in order to realise the maximum potential of the new mod. This is because your car’s stock settings are tuned to work with the original components. Modern complex ECUs have many settings available for adjustment, and this should be calibrated to work with the new addition for your vehicle.

Tuning also allows to you target the performance for your car to the specific areas that you are seeking to perfect. Whether you want improvements in straight line driving and traction, or towards cornering and stiffness, tuning is about more than just overall gains, it’s about maximising the potential for your car’s intended use.

Why choose Eurotorque?

Eurotorque understands the strong impact that a car tuning can have on performance, and has the experience and speciality tools to tune all makes and models, including old school cars, performance vehicles, and 4 wheel drives, specialising in European vehicles. Additionally, your car can be serviced by AP tuning in our service centre, writing a custom tune for your vehicle. Contact Eurotorque today for your tuning needs.