Eurotorque is a team of car lovers who understand the wide range and style of performance mods available to the consumer. From body kits to turbos, Eurotorque can advise on and install nearly anything you have in mind.

What are performance modifications?

Performance modifications aim to enhance the performance of a car via improved power, handling, torque, and other similar traits. They are additions or replacements of existing stock components on a vehicle and can range from exterior mods such as body kits to interior elements such as turbos, brakes, exhaust systems or air filters.

Why are performance modifications important?

At standard road speeds, stock components of a car provide adequate performance for the everyday driver. Performance mods will elevate your car’s performance and optimise it for the way you intend to use your car. Making the appropriate enhancements means you can achieve targeted outcomes. For example, upgraded exhaust systems can increase power and torque. Superior air filters can increase power, extend engine life and increase fuel economy. Even high-quality spark plugs can enhance performance, in this case increasing the efficiency of engine combustion.

When looking for performance mods that will also boost your style, look no further than body kits. From ground effects to give your car that extra downforce on the track, to spoilers and bonnet scoops that create driver envy, the right body kit can give you the car you’ve always wanted.

Why choose Eurotorque

Professional advice and installation are crucial to get the most from any performance modification. Eurotorque have the experience and specialised equipment to work on nearly any model car, specialising in European and prestige brands. Body kits can require minor sanding and other adjustments for the perfect fit, which is essential if you are going to achieve the best aerodynamics possible. For those seeking a bespoke look, Eurotorque offers custom fabrication of body kits, matching your vision from start to finish. Contact Eurotorque today for all of your performance needs.