An important part of vehicle maintenance is logbook servicing. Regular servicing is important for any vehicle, but by completing the recommended logbook services you are providing the best care for your vehicle, exactly as the manufacturer recommends. Not only will you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, you will also ensure the longevity of your car and keep resale value to its maximum potential. Logbook servicing is a worthwhile investment in the life of your vehicle.

What is logbook servicing?

A logbook is a guide from your car’s manufacturer that establishes certain requirements for the care and upkeep of your vehicle. Logbook servicing is the scheduled maintenance of your vehicle according to those specifications. This guide will stipulate the repairs and replacements that need to be carried out, naming which parts and fluids need to be replaced and when. These services are carried out in addition to any other visits you might make to the mechanic. These clear guidelines are set by the manufacturer with both vehicle safety and long term performance in mind.

Why is logbook servicing important?

Logbook servicing is important to maintain your vehicle to the highest standard. By sticking with the logbook service schedule as advised, you retain the manufacturer’s warranty, extend the life of your car, and ensure the highest resale value. Contrary to popular belief, a logbook service does not need to be performed at the dealer. However, the requirements contain very specific details, such as the time intervals between services, and often require specialized equipment, and it is for these reasons that an experienced mechanic with the proper equipment should be sought out to perform the service. Even if you see a local mechanic who seems confident in doing the repairs, it is important that you check for an authorised servicer. An authorised mechanic will be certified to carry out logbook services for the make and model of your vehicle, and be able to appropriately stamp your logbook – your record of quality care for your car. Don’t risk jeopardising your warranty with an unauthorized servicer.

Why choose Eurotorque for logbook servicing?

The mechanics at Eurotorque regularly provide thorough and complete servicing to all vehicles. When you come in for a logbook service, you have more than 30 years of experience working on your car. Authorised to perform logbook services for a wide range of manufacturers, including many prestige, European, and performance brands, they are familiar with the requirements needed to complete the service as your manufacturer intended. As an authorised logbook servicer they understand the value of an up to date logbook for your car. Not only is this a sign of a safe and well-maintained vehicle, it’s also something to pass on to future owners and will ensure you get maximum resale value when it comes time to sell. Eurotorque is proud to provide quality logbook servicing for individuals who want the best for their car. Contact Eurotorque today and make a booking for your next logbook service.