Diagnostics are a staple of modern vehicle service and care.  When you notice your vehicle not performing correctly, the diagnostics are the first step in allowing mechanics to properly identify the source of the problem. Conversely, when all is running well and you are seeking to maximise the performance of your vehicle, these diagnostics can be modified to give you the best your car has to offer. Used in many ways, Eurotorque understands their value and will provide quality service to suit your needs.

What are diagnostics?

When attempting to repair your car, mechanics will perform a series of tests in order to identify and diagnose the problem. This is done through the use of on-board diagnostics, or OBD, the vehicle’s self-diagnostic system through which errors and faults are reported. Early OBD systems were simple systems that could flag an error, but did not always specify the exact fault at hand. Nowadays, modern OBD systems are comprehensive computers receiving data from multiple systems within the car, and are able to pinpoint the definitive source of the fault.

Diagnostics can be used for more than just identifying faults and errors. The electronic control unit, or ECU, is considered the brain of the car and controls major aspects of engine performance. This is often set by the manufacturer in a way that will suit the most drivers, most of the time. By adjusting the ECU, the performance of the car can be modified towards enhanced power, increased fuel efficiency, or whatever parameter you have in mind.

Why are diagnostics important?

When something is going wrong with your car, you want it to be resolved as quickly as possible, but without compromising quality. Diagnostics make this possible by allowing mechanics to identify the problem quickly. This saves both time and money, as repairs can be carried out efficiently, and gets you back on the road sooner with the knowledge that the correct repairs were carried out.

Additionally, adjustments to the ECU, known as AP tuning or performance remapping, means that you can get the most out of your vehicle. Many performance cars allow for multiple settings, such as sport mode and efficient mode, allowing you to use your car the way that you would like, when you want. With the proper equipment and knowledge, you can customise your car so you are driving the way you have imagined.

Why choose Eurotorque?

With more than 30 years industry experience, specialising in European and prestige cars, Eurotorque provides exceptional service. Having invested in the specialised equipment necessary to work on these elite vehicles, you can relax knowing these mechanics are providing the highest quality care with the right tools for the job. They provide AP tuning and have the experience to do this for nearly any make of car. Modern cars require updates and the team at Eurotorque check for these updates with every service to ensure your car is running optimally. Eurotorque provides quality service for customers who love their cars. Contact Eurotorque today to schedule an appointment with our qualified team.