More than just washing the car, a proper car detailing can make your car shine with that showroom glow once again. A detail oriented and time consuming task, a car detailing is best done by someone you trust. Eurotorque is experienced in all aspects of car detailing, specialising in European and prestige models, and is available to return your car back to its original sparkling glory when it was sitting on the dealership show floor.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing can best be thought of as deep and thorough clean of your car, restoring the exterior and interior back its original brand new state. A detailing will remove light cosmetic damage from your car, but does not involve new paint or body repairs. Starting with the exterior, the car is washed to remove general dirt and grime. Then a thorough cleaning of the wheels takes place, including the lug nuts, brake rotors – all the bits that get overlooked in a regular wash. After being hand dried with soft microfiber cloths, the body of the car undergoes a special treatment to remove any remaining tightly bonded dirt. The paint is then inspected and polished – a step that will remove light blemishes and scratches from the surface of your car and create that new car shine.

The interior of the car receives a full vacuum, accessing all the smallest nooks where dust and dirt collect. Then a thorough shampooing will lift stains and eliminate any bad odours that may be present. Leather interiors will receive tailored care using leather conditioners, and finally the glass will be cleaned and polished.

Why is car detailing important?

Car detailing is not exclusive to luxury and performance cars – even everyday family vehicles should receive a detailing in order to stay in top condition and extend their lifespan. Polishing the exterior not only corrects any imperfections in the paint, but protects against future wear, oxidation, and rust. The time spent by the detailer on your vehicle is another important factor – the detailer often notices tiny and otherwise overlooked defects. Early detection of minor flaws will prevent them from turning into major issues, and will save you money on what could have been costly repairs.

Why choose Eurotorque?

Whether it’s a new car straight off the lot being kept in top condition, or an older car in need of some expert TLC, Eurotorque has the experience and skill to give your car that show floor look. The comprehensive service includes polishing, buffing, vacuuming and shampooing, even offering headlight restoration so your lights shine clear as crystal. The team at Eurotorque know that a good car detailing takes time. Using only quality products for each step of the detailing, Eurotorque gently care for your car’s exterior and interior while fully removing all dirt. As car lovers themselves, they take pride in all the cars they detail and enjoy watching cars drive off their lot in restored, pristine condition. Call Eurotorque today to book in your car for a detailing.